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uriage Thermal Spring Water

Thermal Spring Water

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بخاخ المياه الحرارية من يورياج. يهديء البشرة المتهيجة, ويعطي برودة للبشرة خلال فصل الاجواء الحارة




Uriage Thermal Water is a skincare water for daily use, a powerful treatment formulated with trace elements and mineral salts, a source of radiance for your skin. 

Thanks to its high concentration in mineral salts similar to the skin’s NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factors), it offers unique moisturizing benefits.
It soothes sensitive skins, thanks to its high content of calcium and magnesium salts.
Silicon reinforces the skin's hydrolipidic film. It also helps restore the cutaneous barrier, thanks to mineral salts.

150 ml