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Uriage Hyseac 3-REGUL

Hyseac 3-REGUL

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من حبوب ملتهبة ورؤوس بيضاء و رؤوس سوداء ومسامات واسعة وفرط افراز الدهون

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Face cream for oily skin with blemishes. This "all-in-one" global skincare product promotes the elimination of skin flaws (spots, blackheads, shine, pimples) and leaves the skin clear and matte.

Limits imperfections
It limits spots and blackheads with a high-performance complex of active ingredients and Uriage Thermal Water.
Refines the skin texture
Skin texture is significantly smoothed and pores tightened.
Limits excess sebum, the source of new blemishes, thanks to Liquorice extract.